Sunday, August 28, 2005

Moral Absolutes

I just wanted to add that just because I post something, doesn't mean I endorse everything in what is quoted material. For example the editorial from the Arab News.
I think by using the term 'pure evil', they were just trying to make a strong point. I think that humans, being what they are not capable of absolute evil.
Okay, lets say 100% evil. Even some of the evillest people in history may have had at least some tiny spark of good in their lives. Even Hitler was kind to Blondi, his German Shepard.
Now don't get me wrong. I am no apologist for Hitler. In fact from a Buddhist point of view his mind-stream will probably spend countless aeons, in some deep, dark hell-realm. After it pays the karmic debt for causing the deaths of millions, at some point which only the Buddha can know, his shade will be released. So you could say in his case 99.999999......
% etc evil.

But if you ascribe pure evil to a human, you are de facto turning them into a god of some sort.
At any rate by posting an editorial from the Arab News, I was attempting to point out, that even in Saudi Arabia, with its Wahabi sect, which are very much into drawing lines of moral absolutes, even there, there is digust and horror at Islamic terrorism. And furthermore it is interesting to see what papers in the Arab world are saying about the latest bombings.

In other news I have added most of the article on Tara (Buddhism) over at Wikipedia.Also the article on Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche was just 2 lines, so I wrote and added a bio for him there. This can be checked out at:

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