Thursday, March 31, 2005

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Time Coast name change

Okay, okay was figuring econcon is a pretty obscure reference for most.
You'd have to have seen Seven Days in May , and still its buried within the movie; so at any rate I have renamed the blog : Along the Time Coast.
This of course is lifted from Spirit's Spirit of 76 album and Future Games. Jack Bond.
Yes , well.
The time coast implies being on the shore of time; on the edge of Time as it were.
To paraphase Lama Govinda, here we are in the present which is constantly nibbling away at the future, digesting it in the present moment and converting it into the past.
Thus yesterday, is already past, though it doesn't feel so long ago.
Therefore, and henceforth if you live along the Time coast, no telling what will wash up on your shore.
As I mentioned to MrChileMan, it might be a pearl of great price, a nugget of wisdom , or you might stumble into With 6 you get Eggroll. As Bill Griffth told Zippy the Pinhead once, when he spotted Marilyn in the Nash convertible, no Zippy, no, don't follow that, that way lies.......

Okay, in a different vein here is one of my favorite lines from The Precious treasury of The Basic Space of Phenomena by Longchen Rabjam: pg. 9.:

Labeling takes place in confusion, for what is nonexistent is
taken to exist.
Given that the nature of things is similar to that of dream images,
which have no basis
how exceedingly strange it is to fixate on samsara or nirvana
as though they existed in their own right!

Everything is wholly positive, a supreme state of spontaneous presence.
Since there has never been confusion, is no confusion, and never will
be confusion,
conditioned existence is merely a label.

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and also:

Thursday, March 24, 2005

This was in a Mar. 18th Houston Chron. Its nice to see Roky get recognition after all these years; perhaps having received a standing ovation will heal him in some ways; bound to have a good effect. I still think Street Song by the 13th Floor Elevators is one of the great largely unknown gem of a song from the late 60's. Maybe add my musings on that topic someday, but here is an excerpt from the article-

AUSTIN - In a sign that the golden age of documentaries is still upon us as the form continues to thrive as never before, reality-based films have been among the strongest offerings at the South by Southwest Film Festival this week.
In its 12th year, the festival, which continues through Sunday, has had record attendance; registrations are up 30 percent from last year's 3,667. Venues have been packed for both narrative and documentary films, with people often standing in line for more than an hour for a chance at a seat.

You're Gonna Miss Me, about Austin singer-songwriter Roky Erickson, mined similar territory. Erickson emerged in the 1960s as lead singer of the 13th Floor Elevators, a groundbreaking group credited with creating psychedelic rock. But though his vocal style is said to have influenced Janis Joplin and the band's experimentation influenced other hit groups, Erickson's career was felled by drug abuse, incarceration, schizophrenia and shock treatments.
The film is as much a portrait of his eccentric, controlling mother as it is of Erickson, and much of it centers on a struggle between his mother and his youngest brother about who would care for him. The riveting film contrasts the lean, handsome Erickson of the 1960s with the bloated, unkempt, childlike man he became.
For years, Erickson — under his mother's influence — shunned medication and lived a life of poverty in Austin. Evidence of his improvement may be seen in the performance he's scheduled to give Saturday during the SXSW Music Festival. He was at a screening of You're Gonna Miss Me Wednesday and received a standing ovation.

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Extra Texture:
President Jordan Lyman: All right, Colonel. Let's sum it up, shall we? You're suggesting what? Colonel Martin "Jiggs" Casey: I'm not sure, Mr. President: just some possibilities, what we call, uh "capabilities" in military intelligence... President Lyman: You got something against the English language, Colonel? Colonel Casey: No, sir.
President Lyman: Then speak it plainly, if you will.
Colonel Casey: I'm suggesting, Mr. President, there's a military plot to take over the government. This may occur some time this coming Sunday.
Cf also: Seven Days in May; project Ecomcon.

Thoughts from the Time Coast

Recently got the Model Shop cd by Spirit. Been meaning to review it at, but haven't got around to it. Just finished reading: Re-enchantment: Tibetan Buddhism comes to the west. Fairly good, but sometimes the author acts slightly bemused which seems to me a depth of understanding is lacking.

Was surfing and came across this site: ; a good site for fellow Buddhists; esp. Tibetan. Initial post. More as I explore this further.