Thursday, May 21, 2015

Conte Spartans vs Expeditionary Force Persians 60mm scale

Among other things have been working on a diorama of
the Battle of Thermopylae . Using Conte Spartans and the recently issued
Ancient Persians from Expeditionary Force in Singapore.

This is how an initial grouping looks.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

13th Floor Elevators - Dr Doom

Dear Doctor Doom (revised Lyrics)

Dear Dr. Doom

I read your recent letter,
you left so soon...
I hope you're feeling better

Noble hearts decision
mind gold lies the future
you refer to freedoms,
body , mind , and soul
love's embracing chalice
isn't life fantastic
helping neath the rumors
of the more of old

double from the final
each mind with its mirror,
won in this existence
from the other folds. 

Beginning no end,
Alpha nor Omega,
2 miles one more still appears,
2 miles one more still appears

We won't join in sameness,
We are each one different,
We won't join in oneness,
When we're each one whole
We'll be like in feeling

Being of the spirit
Housed in body crystals
ever always sold

We'll be right beside them
All within is beauty,
All will be in beauty,
From our lives unfold

Giving no end
Alpha nor Omega,
2 miles one more still appears,
2 miles one more still appears

Dear Dr. Doom.....
read your recent letter

Know you can't make Heaven
In the East Nirvana,
But you can make certain
That the ghost is there
And the always-presence
You have found within you
Is the same in heaven
Fully made aware

Soon as seen as fortune,
Sooner heard as listening,
Soon as sent past talking,
from your anywhere

Dear Dr. Doom...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sunset here in Santa Fe

                                          Sunset here in Santa Fe on Jan. 13, 2013

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Headstone for Henry B Pinkston 1828-1887

Recently, as of June 2012, a headstone was added to the grave of Henry B. Pinkston, who was my Great, Great Grandfather.

The location is in the Pinkston Cemetery which is in Panola County, Texas, about one mile south of the Galloway Community and just north of the Sabine River. This would be just off Panola County Road 455 about the place where CR 4553 forks off to the west.

It was put up with the gracious assistance of a Sons of Confederate Veterans association.
During the Civil War, Henry was a private in Company H of the 45th Alabama Regiment, which was known as the Dixie Sledge Guards.

He was captured sometime after the Battle of Franklin, and paroled in May 1865.

The Pinkston Cemetery was overgrown, and hardly marked for years, likely due to its location off in the woods and truly off the beaten path.

In late October of this year there will be a ceremony at the grave-site in remembrance. I post this in the hopes that any genealogy searcher may find the information useful. I will add another entry perhaps after the observation is held later on this month.