Thursday, January 31, 2008

Less Jobs, More Wars- the idée fixe of McCain

John McCain Channels Dr. Strangelove

"Inspired by Arianna's observation about John McCain channeling George C. Scott in Dr. Strangelove, the team at Brave New Films has put together this video (with a hat tip to MSNBC's Joe Scarborough for providing the final voice over -- and the best campaign slogan ever!)"


Talk about going thru the looking glass, if McCain keeps up this patter he'll petrify voters in the fall.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hillary's Inner Tracy Flick -Found over at Slate V

"Don't you just hate when some upstart comes along and threatens your best-laid plans? We were struck by how well one of Reese Witherspoon's monologues from the film Election fits the narrative of Campaign 2008." from Slate Magazine

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Moltar returns to the Time Coast- Moltar vs Space Ghost

Well, Moltar returns to my Blog courtesy of YouTube. It is a very short clip so should not take that long to get to play even if one doesn't have broadband. Something wry and humorous about it.

Meanwhile we are approaching a New Tibetan New Year. Losar is Feb. 7th, after which the Year of the Earth Rat begins.
Happy Tibetan New Year soon!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You Don't Know - How young you Are

Yes, well, this is a YouTube of Acid Tomb, - a 13th Floor Elevators tribute band in Austin, Texas at Rupa Maya, shot on Oct. 26th, 2007.

One of my favorite songs, and it is nice to see this song come back around. Song was written by Powell Saint John. I love the use of diminished sevenths in the song to invoke this ancient , archaic feel to the song; it suggests a different time, or like an overlap of something from 400 years ago into the present. Enjoy!