Monday, June 15, 2009

Taking it to the streets

Throughout the last few days, many have noted how inadequate the main stream media coverage of the results in Iran has been. Especially cable news.

At the Daily Dish a reader write in and notes:

"My daughter is currently living in Madrid, and as she has Iranian friends from school, she is riveted to her computer following events on the Dish, the Beeb, and a few other online sources.

I've been preaching to her about the corrupt nature of the MSM for quite a while now, and I think this situation is driving home to her just how useless they've become. It's strange to contemplate, but Facebook and Twitter now are more relevant than CBS and the other mainstream media organizations. Edward R. Murrow is spinning in his grave.

What's so astounding about the performance of the MSM in response to Iranian events is that there is nothing preventing the NYTimes or CNN or MSNBC or WaPo from doing what you're doing. NOTHING. What you're doing doesn't require a staff of hundreds or budgets in the millions. No, what it requires are the most fundamental requirements for journalism: an intense curiosity about the outside world, the unquenchable desire to communicate what you learn, and the willingness to work your ass off to make it all happen. You give a shit, and the MSM doesn't. It's that simple."

Supposedly Cable and broadcast news don't have the budget to cover foreign news like thay use to, but I also think its the case that corporate sponsorship means that certain stories if put on too much drives away commerial sponsors, thus causing some stories to be hardly covered at all.