Friday, September 04, 2009

Trip to Iron Knot Ranch, SW New Mexico

Well, the 3rd week of August I was down in the sw corner of New Mexico at Iron Knot Ranch, which is a Nyingma Buddhist retreat center, in the lineage of Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche. The first photo shows the main area in front of the kitchen, where the elite meet , to greet, and eat.

Next photo is of the Prayer Wheel Building; 16 large prayer wheels, billions of mantra.

Next is a Prayer Flag cairn.

This photo came out extremely well, and is looking north towards Apache Box Canyon.

Okay, an actual look at the prayer wheels, each one over 12 feet high.

This shows an adobe bldg. where butterlamps are offered in a traditional Tibetan style. Most days I was there it was roughly 103 degrees outside. One learns to drink a lot of water. Two nights I slept on a rooftop, and was able to contemplate the Milky Way, which is very prominant at night there, as light pollution is very low, mostly coming from Tucson. Very good thing to be able to see the Milky way, and ponder this Earth as traveling along the rim of the Galaxy.