Sunday, January 08, 2006

More Lyrics; Jupiter in Gemini

Among other things, astrologically speaking I have Jupiter in Gemini, which means my mind jumps around to a lot of different things or subjects.

Likewise this blog; if the subject changes or my posts are all over the map;well thats just the way it goes. As T.S. Eliot mentioned, these are shards stored against my ruins, etc.

Anyway, am going to post more lyrics from Bull of the Woods. The project began when I discovered that no matter how much you search, most of the lyrics to the songs on it had not been put up on the web anywhere, til moi got around to it. A correctal project as it were.
Here are the lyrics to With You, an unusual song in 3/3 time. I sort of like it:
With You

Dreams are told bout people around you,
If you should watch them they soon will astound you,
I know a guy who said he felt threatened,
Said he dreamed nice things when you was around him

Dreams, dreams,
can't help but believe him
Dreams, dreams,
can seesaw beneath him

How do you play there ....many mind
How do you play there....many mind

Living in trust is what we should strive for,
speak not the truth and soon you'll be called for,
Some day is coming and soon I'll be asking,
Ready yourself for love everlasting

wind, rain,... sun and sea,
cannot keep... your love from me,
all these things... were meant to be

Dreams, dreams,
can't help to believe me,
Dreams, dreams,
in seesaw bequeathing,

How do you play there.... many mind
How do you play there.... many mind
How do you play there.... many mind
How do you play there.... many mind

cf also: 13th Floor Elevators

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