Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Creepiness factor in an Age of Anxiety

Watching some of the playoffs, it was apparent that BK is going to be a sponsor during the Super Bowl, which means we'll all be seeing a lot more of the creepy BK guy. If you do a Google search under creepy Burger King guy, you'd be amazed at what comes up.

He creeps a lot of people out. Besides from doing the Icky shuffle. Ick. One of the factors is, the combination of him wearing robes, supposedly kingly, which look more like Little Lord Fauntleroy , with the King mask of an aging guy with a beard. And as they would say in the old Firesign Theatre: Those eyes! Weird!

But the BK guy is merely a concoction of some PR firm hired by Burger King, which is owned by a British corporation. So he is merely creepy.

In this era now, we also have Mahmood Ahmadinejad, who really is creepy.

If your an Israeli, first, as in last October, he tells you Israel should be wiped off the map. Then he says there was no Holocaust, or that he doesn't know if there really was such a thing or not. Then he suggests Israel be moved, I guess lock, stock and barrel, to Europe or Alaska. Recently he wants to start enriching more uranium, which by the way, is what you need to make a nuclear bomb.

And the latest from Mahmood is that it is the West that is Medieval.
And this from a guy who wants more separate mens and womens elevators to be built in Tehran.

Unfortunately, everything he does is like gift wrapped present for "W", and the Neocon crowd. But , if you live in Israel he must, at the minimum, give you the creeps. The dude is serious. Just adding to the creepiness factor of the world.

Me thinks him, and the BK guy, and Pat Robertson need to get together and share some scenes. Selah.Posted by Picasa

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