Monday, November 07, 2005

Back tracking: a church outside Levin ,CZR

Posted by Picasa This photo is of a church in the Czech Republic, that I used to see every Tuesday and Thursday, when I was doing one on one English tutoring at Metrostaf. It is just outside the village of Levin, about 33km NE of Kolin'.

When I used to see it it was always like stepping into the year 1805, I mean it appears to date from that era I would say. When you cross the wooden bridge and come close to it, the atmosphere around it felt like going 2 centuries back at least. Just from visiting the catherdral in Kutna Hora, I surmised that the further east one could go, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or southern Poland, the feeling of going back in time would also obtain. Quite amazing really. I kept expecting a Hussar in a Napoleonic uniform to come riding around the corner at any minute. Very quiet ,still place too.

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