Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Back from a Journey to the Far End of New Mexico

Well, the reason no posts have happened for so long has been my journey to the Far end of New Mexico by plane, auto, and back by train and bus. Went to Ironknot ranch in New Mexico , which is a Tibetan Buddhist retreat center about 14 miles east of Duncan , Arizona.

What was happening there was Tulku Jigme Rinpoche conducted a series of empowerments from the Dudjom Tesar,and then there was a 2 day consecration of a small stupa that contained relics of the late Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche.

For anyone stumbling across this that has never heard of the Dudjom Tesar.; briefly Dudjom Rinpoche who was once head of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism discovered a great number of mind treatures or terma, that were set down as specific Tibetan deity practices by him. These practices are needed by anyone doing the Dudjom Tesar,which is a Nyingma lineage ngondro practice> Ngondro being the preliminary foundation practices found basically in all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. One can uses Wikipedia and check out the little article I wrote on Ngondro there.

Also one can go to :http://www.ironknot.org, for plenty of info on Ironknot ranch.
At the time the empowerments were also given as blessings for one's mind-stream, which is how I took them.
I will write more about this in another post. Just thought I would explain the absence.

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