Saturday, July 09, 2005

Time thoughts

Haven't added much to this blog recently. Well, there are other things in life besides blogging. Maybe thats a heretical statement to add to a blog.
I read where there are some 8 million blogs out there in the blogosphere. Well, some of them amount to nothing more than infomercials, while others have an incredible amount of links, small ads, sidebars, etc.
I just don't have 'time' to do all that stuff. Perhaps why I never got around to having a web page.
At any rate I do find 'time' to do a fair amount of net surfing, and I was surfing the other day for something else, and came across the blog(web page), that has this long extended rant, which is out there, for a lot of it, yet philosophically, is intriguing, though the author gets carried away by his own rhetoric at times.

His post is called:"No equivalent term for dumbing down of individual and collective memory" by Andrew McKillop, a Venezuelan oil industry commentarist.
Here is a passage from it more exclusivly saying something about the time of our eternal present of this post-industrial age. I thought I could fit it in since this blog is entitled along the Time Coast.

Here goes:"
Time, as the astrophysicists and cosmo-chronologists will tell you, can go backwards, forwards and sideways, and accelerates and decelerates. At the centre of big astronomic masses, like huge solar systems with very heavy suns, time goes slowest, and fastest right on the edge of the spinning masses formed by millions of suns and planets arranged into nebulae. Various rates of spin, a now obligatory part of any politician’s slogan gargling to the consumer mob, are comparable to spin effects on gravitational events in deep space. Essentially, the past gets sawn off from and totally dissociated from the future. The boundary -- called the present -- is in no way like the Eternal Present of Tunnel Society, but becomes a wafer thin line as the past and future, pursuing their own and separate existences, generate fantastic energies, squashing the present to nothing.
All becomes either past or future. The present becomes porous, wavers, and then disappears completely. The spin then accelerates, and a novae or supernovae will form – a gigantic explosion, sometimes visible to the naked eye on this Earth. Later, a black hole will emerge, sucking everything, even light, into it and grinding all to subatomic dust.

Through Tunnel Memory, it is fervently believed, we are protected from both the past and future: both have been euthanized and only the Eternal Present exists. Time, like History, has been ritually and mythically stopped, dead in its tracks, the New Economy and Globalization prove this! Yet the spin of fake events, real wars and instant crises is ever-accelerating, and has to be accelerated each and every day. We are building not only peace-through-war but Universal Prosperity. No shortage of anything, except occasional shortages of munitions for our heroic frontline troops, can be allowed to affect this. This is official. "

Whew! Heavy duty, but intriguing. The entire post can be read here:

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