Tuesday, June 14, 2005

New revelations from 33 years ago

From Bob Woodward's recent article in papers just after W. Mark Felt revealed himself, I came across this interesting quote:

"There is little doubt Felt thought the Nixon team were Nazis. During this period, he had to stop efforts by others in the bureau to "identify every member of every hippie commune" in the Los Angeles area, for example, or to open a file on every member of Students for a Democratic Society."

In 1972 at the same time I was 18 years old and about to enter college, and I thought the Nixon team were Nazis also. So the third ranking official at the FBI and myself both had the same view of the Nixon team.

And I think by Nazis it doesn't necesarily mean they wore swastika armbands or sang the Horst Wessel song each morning, though G. Gordon Liddy did like to watch Triumph of the Will. I think it just points to the might makes right, law and order, enemies list, bomb the Brookings Institute, do anything to save the plan mentality of this crew.
One has to also remember the Huston plan, which at one point recommended rounding up anti-war demonstrators and holding them in concentration camps in western states. Unfortunately, I think young people in their 20's don't know much about the Huston plan. Doing a web search I could not find nearly enough on it on the web. Though it was investigated more during the Church hearings in 1976. I mean to try to rectify this by adding an entry at Wickipedia.
see also : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page which is an amazing phenomenon.

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