Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dream within a Dream

About 5 weeks ago I had a Dream within a Dream, which was sort of a first for me. The main dream started out with me for some reason camping out in a pup tent on the front yard of a white frame house in Eastern Colorado. It was on a bluff looking over extensive plains to the east. The house had a porch in front, with stairs on either side of the porch. My brother was also enscounced in a tent too, on the front yard.

For some crazy reason my tent was right next to the crushed gravel, near the road in front of this place. So as the dream evolved I was lying in a sleeping bag on a pad in this tent, and eventually I go to sleep within the dream. Then while asleep within this dream , I went into a dream in which at first I hear winds blowing. I dreamed I got up out of my bag, and look to the southeast, and for some reason the sky in that direction is a sepia brownish-yellow, and I clearly see a tornado, but it looks like it is way out on the horizon, but for some reason like I think it must be coming from Georgia. Very odd.

Though it looked to be hundreds of miles away, the wind was picking up all around , and I think to go alert my brother, and also it turns out two cousins of mine are also camping out on this front yard also.
Was not able to find his tent though, and since it seems the tornado is at least 80 miles away, I decide to go crawl back into my sleeping bag. I go to sleep,and then wake up feeling very cold. I look around and discover my tent, and bag covered with a light layer of snow. Then I got up again to go see if my brother is okay. A fuzzy part of the dream, as I think there was some conversation on the steps with him and my cousins. I then go back, dust off some snow, and get back into my bag. The next thing I know I am waking up in my bed feeling cold. It turns out the air-conditioning is on, but it also got down to 47 during the night, so it is extra cold in my bedroom.

So in this dream there was a going to sleep and having a dream while in a sleeping bag on a front yard in Eastern Colorado. The tornado being part of a dream within a dream. One could say twice removed from this waking world. And I believe the first time I can remember having a dream within a dream. Quite amazing for me.

By the way 2 days after this dream, there was a tornado watch, and several sightings along a line about 80 miles north of where I am in Texas. Strange. And I don't know what to make of this dream except the sepia colored dream seemed very real during its duration.

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