Monday, April 04, 2005

Rest of the Stanza

The rest of the stanza concludes thus:"

It is beyond the extremes of existence or nonexistence.
Since no one has ever been confused at all in the past,
no one is confused in the present and no one will be confused
later on.
This is the enlightened intent of the original purity of the
three planes of conditioned existence. "

Further down on the page after this, there is also this stanza:"

In brief, within the ultimate womb of basic space, spacious and
spontaneously present,
whatever arises as the dynamic energy of its display----as samsara
or nirvana----
in the very moment of simply arising has never known existence as
as samsara or nirvana.
Whatever arises in a dream due to the dynamic energy of sleep
does not actually exist.
There is only self-knowing awareness, the blissful place of rest,
extending infinitely as the supremely spacious state of
spontaneous equalness.

As to Red Tara, she is also known as Rigjed Lhamo, among the 21 Taras.
I thought this particular statue was interesting and cool. Doing her practice has the potential to lead to that," self-knowing awareness, the blissful place of rest".

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