Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Morricone Rocks

Well have been on sort of a rediscovery of Morricone lately. Came across this video of a song of his from the soundtrack of Garden of Delight from 1967.
Really just an over the top song, that keeps getting more over the top as it goes.
Like all the Italian soundtracks from the late 60s getting mashed up all together.
Unusual to say the least:

Also check out the channel Morricone Rocks.

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Julie (Tibetan Name Tenzin Dasal) said...

Hello,Thank you so much for a beautiful peace of work. It is refreshing to read something with substance. I am a scholar of Tibetan Budhism & very practive in the protection of Human Rights especially the Tibetan cause. I would like to follow your blog and would be grateful if you could check out mine. Thanks Julie