Monday, May 14, 2007

John T. Pinkston

I am going to post information about a distant relation of mine. It is from a book called Confederate Military History, published in 1899. Since it is 108 years ago I believe it has worn out as a copyright. At any rate it is just a paragraph, and further I want to get it somewhere on the web, just for other genealogical researchers who may come across it this way.
It is about John T. Pinkston, who was born Oct. 18, 1848.

"John T. Pinkston of Sparta, a boy soldier of the Confederacy, enlisted as a private in Company A of the Sixth Regiment Georgia Infantry, part of the brigade commanded by Ge. Alfred H. Colquitt. His service in the field began with this brigade in the little army, under Gen. Beauregard, which defended Peteresburg and Richmond from the federal forces under General Butler while Lee and Grant were struggling in the Wilderness in May 1864. He participated in the battle of Drewry's Bluff, resulting in the defeat of Butler, and a forenight later fought under General Robert E. Lee at Second Cold Harbor, repelling the assaults of Grant's army. Until December, 1864, he was on duty along the Petersburg and Richmond lines, fighting in the battles of Petersburg, the Crater, Ream's Station, Fort Harrison, Weldon Railroad and other engagements. Near the close of 1864 he accompanied his brigade to Wilmington, N.C., and was in the engagement at Sugar Loaf, and witnessed the great bombardment of Fort Fisher. After the retreat from Wilmington, he participated in the battles of Kinston and Bentonville, and finally surrendered with the army of Ge. J.E. Johnston, at Greensboro, April 26, 1865. Mr. Pinkston is a native of Hancock County, Ga., born Oct. 8,1848, son James M. Pinkston and Ann C. Dickson. After the his return from the war he attended school and began a sucessful career as a farmer. He is one of the leading men of his county and prominent in public affairs. For twelve years he served efficently as deputy sheriff of the county, and eight years as sheriff. Mr. Pinkston was married in 1867 to Mattie P. Knowles, and they have eight children living: William F., John B., Arthur Gorman, Annie L., Lena Lee, Mattie Little, Ethel F. and Julia C."

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