Tuesday, October 04, 2005

if Republicans believe in their own BS

Found this over at Huffington Post; article by Stephen Elliot on Tom Delay of Oct. 3rd. It is a tounge in cheek comment to Elliot's post, obviously intended for Republican trolls:

Republicans! Don't read this! Remember, You won! You won!, Mission Accomplished! Terrorists are in their last throes! The economy is booming! Brownie did a heck of a job! My country, right or wrong! Libs are a Gay-pride, blackfaced march to the welfare office to get money to pay for their abortions and pot! Jesus is my co-pilot! W, The President! You got your 300 dollar tax credit! Gas is cheap! Buy now, pay later! Shop, shop, shop! Saddam had nukes! We were greeted as liberators! The Middle East is now filled with democracies! The borders are secure! Freedom is on the March! Our morals are the envy of the world! Our justice to others is a shining beacon! Oh, and did I mention Jesus? Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

Posted by: JeffDeVore on October 04, 2005 at 11:54am

The Continuing Saga of Tom DeLay, from Texas

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