Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Quote from Clinton's Autobiography

Was reading My Life last August and came across this passage.
"Psychologically, we're all a complex mixture of hopes and fears. Each day we wake up with the scales tipping a bit one way or the other. If they go too far towards hopefulness, we can become naive and unrealistic. If the scales tilt too far the other way, we can get consumed by paranoia and hatred. In the South, the dark side of the scales has always been the bigger problem." pg. 84 -- - My Life by Bill Clinton . He wrote this in the context of explaining racism in Arkansas in 1966. I stopped and pondered for a while on this . I found it interesting, and generally the first part of the book, Clinton growing up in Arkansas is just fascinating.
I found it to be a relatively easy read, though there are parts one can skim.

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